5 comments on “Trevor

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw Trevor co DJ-ing at a country club in West Palm Beach, Fl on presidents day. Am I crazy or was that him? He is a really awesome dancer. All the kids loved him.

  2. what is trevors twitter??? he used to live up the street from me and he is also friends with one of my brothers friends and i saw him today but i was too afraid to go up to him and ask him…

  3. Hi Trevor, always wanted to say that in person but this will have to do 4 now. Can you believe I’m 23 and up at 3:11 a.m. posting on what I guess is a blog. Did a lot of this in my younger days, but couldn’t be sure if I actually got a response from you back. My biggest dream as a child was that you would see something I wrote to you and come in a limo to see me I know a little far fetched I’m with you on that.!!! Well just wanted to let you know that I love you guys always. And I couldn’t wait for Making The Band to come to glad one day it didn’t I was a mess. You could have warned a sister. GOSH?!! LOVE YOU LOTS TREVOR!!!!

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