The O-Town Fanlisting

Fanlisting for Ashley Parker Angel's "Soundtrack To Your Life" album


2 comments on “Fanlistings

  1. At that time I have circumscribed your song, so here it is: 😀

    Julia´s Liquid Dreams 2001
    Posters of love surrounding me,
    I`m lost in a world of fantasy
    Every night Jake come to me
    and gives me all the love I need.

    Pre-Chorus: Now this hot boys, t
    here`s not your average boys
    there`s a morpherotic dream from a magazine
    And they´re so fine designed to blow your mind
    there´s a dominatrix super-model hero dream

    I dream about a boy who`s a mix of Ashleys sexy smile
    Just a little touch of Jacobs wild style
    With Erik Michaels`s smile,
    hrow in a body like Trevors
    You got the star of my liquid dreams

    Dan Millers lips to kiss in the dark
    Underneath Ashley A´s beauty mark

    When it comes to the test well Dan is the best
    And Trevor Penick brings the rest



    Looks ain`t everything he´s got the sweetest personality Like Trevor P.
    My mama thinks I`m lazy, my friends all think I`m crazy
    But in my mind I leave the world behind
    every night I dream Liquid dreams, my liquid dreams
    Waterfall and streams, these liquid dreams


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