6 comments on “What happened with O-Town?

  1. This article isn’t a good one and there are some wrong facts written. You shouldn’t post such an article! 😉

    Ashley did a acting role in Wild Things (missing fact), Dan didn’t sing anymore these days (he did some years ago), Jacob is living in Nashville, as far as we know Trevor isn’t doing any music stuff right now and he isn’t a dad (!). Erik is not involved with the Children in Need stuff. It’s the actor Erik Estrada (!) and not Erik-Michael Estrada.

    You should really think about if you wanna post some of these wrong facts…

  2. You’re welcome 😉 Thanks for fixing it. I will email the German website you got the original text tomorrow. Their research sucks.

  3. they should come back they are really good im 14 and i like there music.i even have one of there albums.

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